The Second Annual Conference on Gross National Happiness The Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness
Local Pathways to Global Wellbeing
Youth Day June 20, 2005
  Mini-Conference Overview
  Youth Day, being held Monday, June 20 at St. Francis Xavier University in Antiogonish, Nova Scotia, is a mini-conference for ages 12-18 that is connected with the Rethinking Development international conference. GPI Atlantic is proud to partner with Sierra Club Canada and HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development to bring this incredible program to young people.
GPI Atlantic HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development Sierra Club Canada

Raffi and Child Honouring
All teens will meet with Raffi, internationally renowned children's singer and songwriter on the question "How can we work together to make this the world of our dreams — to turn this world around?"
Raffi has founded Child Honoring, a philosophy which seeks to educate businesses, governments and other organizations about the universal needs of children in their formative early years; to provide resources to help develop best practices in meeting those needs both in Canada and globally.
  Youth will work directly in with leaders from various fields, including Richard Reoch, formerly of Amnesty International, Rev. Bliss Browne of Imagine Chicago, and Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life, who have had a genuine impact on the world. Youth and presenters convene in small workshops to envision and begin their own course of positive change. Laura Simms This is an extraordinary opportunity brought about by the generosity of speakers attending the Rethinking Development conference who agreed to come early at no extra charge to work with youth. There has never been anything like it in Nova Scotia.

Adult chaperones and educators are invited to a storytelling workshop with Laura Simms, internationally known for her revival of storytelling traditions and her creative retelling of primordial tales.
Tashi Zangmo Educators and chaperones are also invited to attend a talk by Tashi Zangmo on Literacy and Gross National Happiness. Tashi Zangmo spoke at the First International Conference on Gross National Happiness held last year in Bhutan and is a recipient of the Samuel Huntington Public Service award for public service in developing countries.

Youth and their chaperones will tour a Recycled Art Exhibit with pieces by Nova Scotian artists using found materials and outright trash to create startling works of beauty. The exhibit is complemented by informational displays about waste management issues.

Everyone is invited to visit the Natural Building project in progress and purchase some of Dee Dee's and Dio Mio's gourmet ice cream at the same time. Find out more about the build under the workshop descriptions.
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Conference Scent-free Policy
Please note that some people are highly sensitive to scented products and chemicals, and become ill from exposure to them. Therefore please do not wear or bring scented products or regular bug spray to Youth Day. Unscented sun cream and natural bug spray will be available there. Thank you for your consideration.